Academic Success

Rastrick Independent School is a non selective school. However, as standard, each child and young adult is assessed on entry to enable us to design an individual learning programme.

Rastrick achieves outstanding results for all pupils whatever their ability. This includes individuals with special educational needs through a range of abilities, including those who are gifted and talented. We are also a specialist school for dyslexics.

As a discerning parent, if academic success is your priority, when considering your decision as to where the very best educational environment is for your family, we would expect you will compare the results nationally and locally in terms of academic and exam success. Take a look at our outstanding results for GCSE, 11+ and SATs at all key stages. You will find Rastrick succeeds above the national average and within the locality.  

Rastrick Independent School Students

Rastrick independent has given my twins so much independence and confidence from a young age and prepared them well for high school. Their sibling is extremely shy but the staff understand exactly how to bring him out of his shell and he loves school and everyone there.