Preparatory School Curriculum

Rastrick’s Preparatory School curriculum consists of the School Syllabus, the Examination Syllabus, The Early Learning Goals of the Early Years Foundation Stage of Education (statutory framework from birth to 5 year old until the end of Kindergarten, pre-Key Stage 1) and the National Curriculum at Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4. The Independent Schools Common Entrance Syllabus is also followed.

Teaching is of the best possible education practice, consisting of first hand experiences, practical activities and structured work and play.

Whilst we do have a range of reading schemes and mathematics schemes, we do use a wide range of teaching materials and practise class, group and individual teaching. We also ‘set’ pupils according to ability for mathematics and English.


Our teacher’s lessons are educational and fun and the meals are delicious. I enjoy the extra curriculars, particularly the choir, we go to different places to sing and we go to concerts.