Bursaries and Scholarships


Bursaries are offered for Grammar School places only. Please contact the School for more information.


A small number of scholarships are offered to pupils aged 5 to 15 years who, after undergoing scholarship screening tests at the school, are deemed to be Gifted and Talented.

Scholarships will be awarded only to children whose parents could not normally afford the fees of an Independent School which caters for Gifted and Talented children. There will be an income/means test to complete.

The Scholarship is normally worth up to 60% of the current school fees. Uniform, extra-curricular activities, insurance (£7.00 per term) and meals must be able to be afforded by parents. Details of these costs will be provided by the School at the time of the offering of a place. Details can also be found on the website.

School reports, hobbies, interests and examinations including proof of the child’s giftedness will also be asked for. References regarding parents income and the child’s abilities will also be sought.

Please contact the School if you require any further information.

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Rastrick Grammar School Pupil