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Welcome to Rastrick Grammar School for students aged 11 to 16 years. Founded to provide academic excellence, Rastrick enables students to reach their true academic potential, interact effectively and become confident rounded individuals.

Our highly qualified team create a vibrant, exciting environment for learning. The pupils have a reputation for manners and discipline which produces confident, happy, well adjusted young people. Life at this Independent School is extremely successful academically and daily school life is rich and rewarding. This School is also renowned for its superb pastoral care.


The key to life at Rastrick can be summed up in one word: expectation. This environment offers an education which expects success. Academic excellence is at the centre of Rastrick and is achieved in partnership with the family. There is an expectation that discipline, self worth and good manners will lead to the development of a confident, happy child, who can expect to be the best they can.

A unique curriculum experience

We aim to provide a broad, well-planned and balanced curriculum within class sizes of no more than 22. If Oxbridge, Russell Group or other Universities is intended, then students will pursue a broad-based academic curriculum, followed by GCSEs from Year 10. For the vocational student we also offer vocational training in a wide choice of subjects. The benefit of our small class sizes is that all students can access the curriculum at a level best suited to them. From the ages of 16 to 18 and older, students can join our Sixth Form Tutorial College

Academic achievement

The School has achieved 100% Pass rate at 11+. The SATS results are also outstanding at all key stages. When it comes to GCSE examination results, Rastrick always succeeds above the national and local averages. This is especially commendable as we are a non-selective grammar school, giving all pupils the opportunity to achieve at GCSE. At Rastrick we enter pupils who might have struggled in main stream education, or have special educational needs. Our aim is for all pupils to reach their potential, make progress and achieve the highest grade level possible.  

Extra curricular

Alongside the academic programme we run a comprehensive range of sports and arts activities. Music and drama are integrated into our curriculum. We have two school choirs and an orchestra and our School Houses provide opportunities for team games and sports including football, rugby, netball and cricket.

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