Student Welfare

It is our philosophy that your time in the United Kingdom should be an experience which goes beyond learning and one which enhances the rest of your life. We welcome you to our community and family, and your well being and learning experience should be safe, cared for and welcoming.

It is our aim to support our international students with self belief and confidence. Your tutors will work with you personally to ensure you enjoy your course and your experience of the UK.

Personal Tutors

You will be assigned a personal tutor who will be your first point of contact for any issues or difficulties you may have. Your well being is our primary concern. Our confidential counselling service is available, with the consent of student and parent, should the need ever arise.


International students often find it difficult to register themselves for access to healthcare, and are thus guided through the process as a group during their orientation. We have access to an excellent team of health practitioners in Rastrick who are gentle and caring. Ill health can cause students to fail their courses, so it is imperative that they have access to adequate healthcare whilst in the UK. In addition, students must be registered with a doctor in the UK in order to receive free treatment in case of an accident.

Medical treatment on the NHS is generally free to students (except for more complicated medical treatments such as those involving hospital stays). We have excellent doctors in Rastrick who have a long standing relationship with our School and College. Our students have been very happy with this medical practice. 

Students will also be registered with a dentist on arrival in Rastrick (and an optician, if appropriate). Students may choose to attend an NHS dentist (free for students 18 and under) or a private dentist. We have a selection of extremely good private dentists available to students. Initial appointments will be arranged for students, and parents and guardians will be informed if there are any problems that need to be resolved and told of any costs involved – it is better to solve a small problem than allow it to become a serious one! Our experience has shown that students with poor dental health miss a large number of classes and perform poorly in their academic work, so it is important that students are also healthy with respect to their teeth.

It would be very useful for students to bring an English language copy of their medical records (and dental records, if they have them) to give to the doctor and dentist in Rastrick.

Other arrangements

Students get a great deal of support both prior to and during their studies at Rastrick International College. Students will be greeted at the airport on their arrival (for an additional fee). They will also be given a wealth of support on their arrival at Rastrick International College and will be assisted in basic matters such as registering with the police, opening a bank account and taking local public transport. Students can be assured that they will be fully supported as they learn to live safely and successfully in Rastrick, the local area and amenities.

Rastrick students