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Welcome to Rastrick Preparatory School for children aged 4 to 11 years. Recognised as ‘a happy school with a positive atmosphere’ by the Independent Schools Inspectorate, Rastrick has quickly grown its reputation as a first class preparatory school.


You will find a traditional, exciting learning environment at Rastrick. We have an established team of highly qualified and experienced teachers who all share the ethos and philosophy of making learning exciting.
Teachers plan for the individual child, following their assessment on entry, with the subjects of English Mathematics and Science at the core.

Our school champions traditional teaching methods of the learning of the basic skills educationally together with the values of discipline, good manners, respect and self confidence. Independent thought and leadership qualities are also encouraged as well as learning to care for others. We teach students at Rastrick to have a well balanced attitude to healthy competition.

Extra curricular

Alongside the academic programme is a full sports and arts programme. Music, drama and productions are woven into our school year and are an integral part of the curriculum. We have two school choirs and an orchestra and our School Houses provide opportunities for team games and sports including football, rugby, netball and cricket.


As a discerning parent, if academic success is your priority when considering your decision as to where the very best educational environment is for your family, we would expect you will compare the results nationally and locally in terms of academic and exam success. You will look at results for GCSE, 11+ and outstanding SATs results at all key stages. You will find Rastrick succeeds far above the national average and within the locality.

Every child at Rastrick receives a traditional education. Our broad based curriculum includes teaching the full National Curriculum, Schools Curriculum, Examination Curriculum and The Common Entrance Independent Schools Curriculum.

SATs and 11+

Our SATs results at all key stages are outstanding and are well above national and local averages. Rastrick Preparatory School also has a 100% pass rate at 11+, for both Maintained and Independent Grammar Schools.

Mathematics Excellence

Our high achievers in mathematics have consistently gained awards in gold, silver and bronze at World Class Mathematics Test and The National Mathematics Challenge.

Other Examinations

Children at Rastrick excel in all areas of achievement. We offer examination at all grades for LAMDA, ABRSM and The London School of Music. Children can also take their grades in dance, the playing of musical instruments and in gymnastics.  

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