Ethos and Philosophy

Motto: ‘Only the best for the best’

The school motto embodies the philosophy that each child is uniquely the best and all children will give of their best when given the encouragement, incentive and belief in themselves.

We have established a new tradition of learning based on the quality values of educational excellence.  Every child has the entitlement to the best learning environment and the best preparation for life that we, as teachers and parents, can provide. It is our belief that this is created within an environment which demands excellence yet nurtures a caring, self-motivating and disciplined atmosphere.

The pupils are drawn from a variety of backgrounds. There is a balance between those pupils whose parents work full time and so require an extended day attendance for their child, and those pupils who require a normal school day.

The school is Christian and multi-denominational in attitude. We respect the values of all religious convictions and welcome children of all faiths and backgrounds. We recognise the multi-cultural diversity of the country in which we live and expect our children to show courtesy and consideration to all those in the School, and the wider community which we serve.

We are much more than a school which simply produces good results. We seek to retain the widest possible entry across the social and economic spectrum. We offer a rounded education in which art, music, sport and a host of other activities are valued as much as academic success. We welcome children with special educational needs. Our job is to enable all children to learn. We know all children learn best when they are enjoying themselves in a safe and secure environment.

Rastrick Preparatory School Students

Rastrick Independent School has provided our daughter with an excellent education. The School’s ethos and high standards has enabled our daughter achieve academic success and progress further to a selective grammar school.