Dyslexia Learning Support

The College has a track record in diagnosing dyslexia and supporting children to cope with the demands of the curriculum and examinations at all ages. We understand the needs of families with a dyslexic child and offer personalised care, support and understanding to allow children to achieve their full potential. It is our belief there is absolutely no reason why a dyslexic cannot access the full curriculum and achieve their goals.

We offer diagnostic testing for dyslexia. We have links with the 3D Centre in Halifax whose teachers are also employed by the College. The Centre also refers children who contact them to our College for educational progress and nurturing.

After diagnosis, your child is then set an Individual Educational Plan which identifies targets for learning and involvement of parents and child. These successful methods apply to a school pupil or a college student. From day by day support, extra time at examinations, a reader or a scribe if deemed appropriate, we ensure a dyslexic student has all the support required.

Through meticulous assessment of your child’s needs and ongoing assessment of their progress, learning becomes more natural, stress free and effective.

Please talk to us about your child’s needs and together we can ensure our specialist teams can work with your family and ensure the chances for success academically and in the joy of learning for your child.  

Rastrick Tutorial College student